Full Lane Logistics is a worker-owned messenger service, based in Brooklyn, NY, by the east end of the Navy Yard at 47 Hall St. We offer a number of options for same- and next-day delivery to Brooklyn businesses and individuals from our centrally-located base, convenient to all North Brooklyn neighborhoods and adjacent to the Williamsburg and Manhattan Bridges. Our fleet of specialized cargo bikes allows us to offer a range of services beyond many small delivery companies, with the ability to quickly handle packages up to 300 lbs on a single bike. Cycle freight is serious business in Europe and in many other countries around the world, and for good reason- it’s cheap, reliable, unaffected by gridlock, and better for the health of workers and communities. We aim to make serious cargo hauling a part of everyday life in Brooklyn, and to do so, we offer our services to you.


Our services are designed to give customers an integrated option for delivery services, one company that can handle both small, more traditional courier packages, along with larger boxes and items that might otherwise have required a van. Many delivery vans drive around almost empty except for a few small boxes in the back, taking up space on the streets while adding exhaust to the air we all breathe. We believe our company offers an affordable, reliable, and time-critical option that helps to keep more automobiles off NYC streets while saving you time and the hassle of running around to borrow or rent a car for larger items. Why get a Zipcar or find a man with a van when you can just call us?


There are many options out there nowadays when it comes to delivery services. Besides more traditional messenger companies (which mostly target Manhattan) and van courier services (which have all the issues of traffic and tickets any motor vehicle in NYC does), there is an ever-expanding selection of apps and websites that claim to get you whatever, whenever, with the tap of a screen. Seems too good to be true, right? That’s why we don’t promise that. What you get with Full Lane Logistics is a direct relationship with a small company, based in your borough, not on the internet. Worker-ownership means that every person you talk to on the phone could well be the one who shows up at your door. We all ride, and we all run the business, which means that you’ll get to know us, and we’ll start to learn ways to make our service work for you even better.


We offer a number of different price points depending on your delivery and scheduling needs, from a rush two-hour service, to scheduled runs for regular supply or distribution needs. Please get in touch with us anytime, seven days a week, with any questions you may have about service, pricing, or anything else.


-Erick, Ronny, Camille, Guy, & Lauryl: Worker-Owners, Full Lane Logistics

(530) 426-2556